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    Packing scale specialized for low material-outlet(scale specialized for mixing dyes)

    Release date: 2019/4/24 13:50:46 Visits: 698

    Packing scale specialized for low material-outlet(scale specialized for mixing dyes)

    National invention patented products must be investigated for counterfeiting

    Brief product instruction:

    LCS-25WLJL packing scale is specialized for the low material-outlet and the high precision and high viscosity. This equipement can solve the problem that the quantitative packaging equipment can not be used because of low outlet of the traditional equipment. It does not require enterprises to change the existing production equipment, nor to add supporting equipment, and only requires one person to operate, to realize the automatic quantitative weighing. And the dust collection is fully considered in the design process, the materials in the whole packaging process are basically carried out in relatively closed environments, which improve the production environment greatly. This equipment adopts the intelligent control system, so that the weighing accuracy is stable, and the capacity is ensured. Use the water to clean the whole equipment, convenient and fast, easy to operate, highly mobile.

    Suitable industry: dye chemical industry, medical industry and other industry.

    Suitable material: normal powder, fine and light powder, especially for the package of the powder with the viscosity and mixed material of dyestuff.

    Product feature:

    1. This equipement can be washed by the water direcly, in closed package, which can improve the working environment, and ensure the production environment clean.

    2. This equipment does not require enterprises to modify the existing equipment, thus to reduce the capital investment, save the capital investment of the adding of the other equipments.

    3. This equipment can be operated by one man, which can save the labor strength of the worker and the labor investment.

    4. The equipment has high weighing accuracy, stable performance, and can effectively reduce the product loss during the production.

    Equipment parameter:

    Package accuracy: ≤±0.1%

    Package speed: 120~180bag/h

    Weighing range: 15~25kg/bag, barrel, carton

    Material moisture content:≤26%

    Relative humidity: ≤90RH%(no condensation)

    Suitable temperature: ~10℃~45℃;

    Control power supply: AC220V(﹣15%/+10%)/50HZ(±10%)

    Power supply: AC380V(﹣15%/+10%)/50HZ(±10%)

    Power: about 3KW

    Pressure: 0.4MPa~0.6MPa

    Air consumption: 0.2m³/min

    Advantage: This set of equipment is in place to solve the problem of unable to use quantitative packaging due to the low and short outlet. It does not need to rectify any previous production equipment, do not need to add any material conveying equipment, one machine multi-function, single operation. The cleaning is convenient and simple, the packing process is closed, and the production environment is controllable (for example, the effect is better when combined with special dust removal pulse equipment). Really achieve the goal of clean environment, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

    This equipment can be used for reference in connection with equipment selection: pneumatic conveying material feeding, batching system, automatic opening and bagging equipment, automatic bagging and sealing equipment, automatic conveying and sealing equipment, automatic labeling and spraying equipment and automatic palletizing system, etc. (If you need, please contact the company marketing center)

    Packing scale specialized for low material-outlet(scale specialized for mixing dyes)
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